Meet our partners: Abimo and Apex-Brasil

  • Apex-Brasil

    Main partner in the project, Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) organizes trade promotion projects with various industry organizations. The agency serves companies of all sizes, focusing on small and medium, and at all stages of maturity exporter. It works strategically to insert more companies into the international market, offering solutions in the areas of information, eligibility for export, trade promotion, positioning and image, and internationalization support.

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    Founded in 1962, ABIMO (Brazilian Medical Devices Manufactures Association) offers support to the health production chain.

    Through boards and work groups, the entity is responsible for all technical, operational and associative aspects of the segment. After all, a united industry gains more representativeness, becoming stronger and more competitive.

    Today, the association represents more than 330 companies nationally and internationally, and the companies associated with ABIMO are responsible for about 90% of sales in the Brazilian industry.

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